blueshellA Wii U edition of Mario Kart is in production at Nintendo. While we don’t even have a title or a single screen shot yet, one thing’s for sure- we’ll see it in action at E3 this year. As a massive fan of the series I thought I’d take a look at what I want from the next instalment.


1. A Decent Name

Mario Kart Wii U isn’t going to cut it. Neither is Mario Kart U. My suggestions are: Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart HD or Super Mario Kart.

2. A Grittier, More Realistic Art Style

Mario Kart’s art style has become more and more cartoony since Mario Kart 64. More detailed and vivid, sure- but I’d like to see a more realistic look for the next iteration. Better lighting effects, including realistic fire and explosions. I’d like to see kart damage too, but I don’t want it to affect the handling of the vehicles.

Some Blur style realism would be awesome...

Some Blur style realism would be awesome…

3. More Shortcuts

Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash!! had some incredible shortcuts. Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 kind of let us down in the shortcut department due to wider, and overall more simplified track design. I don’t like it. I want more shortcuts and more secret tunnels. I want to be discovering stuff years after the game is out.

That's a shortcut...

Now, that’s a shortcut…

4. 5 Player Split Screen

This is kind of a given, but Nintendo need to make the gamepad player’s rank during the race visible to the players using the TV. Something SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed neglected to do.

5. Five Player Online

Five players in the one room online at once. SEGA All-Stars Racing had it, Mario Kart needs to as well.

6. A Proper Build Your Own Cup Function

SMK, MK 64 and MK Double Dash!! featured a two player grand prix. They were awesome. A “build your own” cup would have been better. And MK Wii gave us that. Kind of. You couldn’t select what exact tracks you wanted in your 12 or 16 race grand prix. Considering games like Cars 2 offered this years ago, this simply needs to be a feature in the next MK game. I want to select what track, and in what order.

It'll happen...

It’ll happen…

7. Proper Mii Integration

We need to be able to select our own Mii’s and use them in local multiplayer exactly how we could in Mario Kart Wii. We also need to be able to play as our Mii online, individually, not simply as a guest. This is a feature Mario Kart Wii failed to provide.

8. The Blue Shell Modified. For Fairness

In order for Mario Kart to balance the skill to luck ratio perfectly, Nintendo simply must provide a more viable way to escape the blue shell. As the weapon evolved, it became a punishment for leading the race. This is not on in my book. I suggest a Blur style modification that throws some lightning bolts ahead of first place and affords them a chance to use their driving skills to avoid being wiped out. It should still be tough to pull off, but ultimately exhilarating when you do.

Not in 2013 please

Not in 2013, please Nintendo…

9. Yoshi Valley

The list of retro tracks I want to see make an appearance is a mile long, but the one that absolutely must happen is Yoshi Valley from Mario Kart 64. It’s time, Nintendo. It’s time.

10. Different Weather Conditions and Times Of Day

I always wanted to play Moo Moo Farm at sunset like the Japanese got to.  How awesome would it be to race tracks during the day one time and at night the next, or in the rain one time and sunshine the next. This should be random. It would increase the replayability of the game in general, as you try to master all the tracks under all the different conditions.

Best. Track. Ever.

Yoshi Valley. Best. Track. Ever.

11. Performing a “Stunt” To Be Mapped to a Button

The R Button preferably. No shaking the gamepad, just a button tap to perform a stunt. Thank you.

12. The Underwater Driving To Go Away

The type from the 3DS game, I mean. The gliding sections can stay, they’re exhilarating. The underwater sections only serve to slow the action down. I don’t like them, they’re pointless and they need to go for Mario Kart Wii U.

8 comes right after 7...

8 comes right after 7…

13. Add On Content

It’s do-able now on Wii U. I would ultimately like to see a new retro track released every month until we eventually have every Mario Kart track ever in one place. That’s a bit of a green pipe dream, but new tracks and new characters down the line will help the games replayability.

14. The Return Of The Speedometer

I miss the speedometer. It’s kind of a pointless feature anywhere outside time trials, but I’d still like to see where my cornering and boosts are being most effective. Even if the included it in just single player I’d be happy.

. . .

What do you want from the next Mario Kart? Let me know by leaving a comment below! You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell or Mivverse: zinger_AU 

  • diablo9

    I’d agree with all of this. The underwater sections on Mario Kart 7 were annoying. What was the point? I would also love to see a selection of 32 NEW tracks, as well as 32 old ones. Its the HD era, Nintendo and we deserve a bigger, bettter game.

  • witchcraft

    I want to see some more realistic lighting and spark effects from drifting.

  • adss3

    no realistic graphics no…
    add on content never… never

  • Chris

    How about the return of the Feather & Ghost items & coins to increase speed.

  • Globalgoomba

    I’d love a grittier art style but now we know that hasn’t happened. Damn the game looks good though you have to admit. March can’t come soon enough.