Spoilers ahead.

While I was initially against two beings fighting as a team in Mortal Kombat X, after beating the game with Ferra/Torr I changed my tune.

Their epilogue, told in a series of still frames with a voiceover, is a tragic tale that will leave you strangely moved and a little bit heartbroken.

Have a look at the video below courtesy of Youtube user JakNak, but remember it can’t be un-watched and if you’re planning to play through Mortal Kombat X, don’t watch it.


This afternoon I walked into a JB Hi-Fi store to buy Mortal Kombat X, and asked the counter staff if they had any amiibo figures in stock.

I fully expected to be be laughed at, but instead the girl casually pointed and said “Whatever ones we have are behind that wall.”

To my complete surprise they had not only the easies like Mario, Pikachu, and Peach, but also Zelda, Link, and these four:

THE WINNER IS.... me actually, for once.

THE WINNER IS…. me actually, for once.

So amazed was I to see these in the wild, I bought two of each.

But it goes to show, there’s still places that have some of the more sought after figures in stock, so it’s always worth asking.

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my2centsE3 prediction pieces are a dime a dozen, and there’s many more qualified than I to predict Nintendo’s moves at the world’s most famous gaming convention.

So each year I throw in my two cents in the form of a wish list, however fantastical it might be.

Here’s what I want from Nintendo come June when the eyes of all gamers are on the Los Angeles show.

For me it’s games, games, games. I don’t need my Wii U to do anything else.

A new Waverace game.

Every year I ask for it, and every year I’m disappointed. Will this year be any different?

No, and considering Waverace is generally a showcase for what a new machine is capable of graphically, the probability of a Wii U Waverace title are slim to none.

That doesn’t mean I want it any less, though.

It’s one of Gamecube’s best games and one of my favourite racing games of all time.

This along with F-Zero GX (and others) really showcased how excellent Gamecube’s graphics could be, and Blue Storm‘s water is so wonderful to play on.

You have just aarned a taahbo.

You have just aarned a taahbo.

A new Batallion Wars game.

Dammit just hurry up with this, Nintendo.

Batallion Wars was an unreal Gamecube title, and despite some dodgy controls, the Wii sequel was just as good.

Metroid Prime 4.

I don’t care about innovation when it comes to Metroid. I’m not an uber-fan, I don’t particularly have a soft spot for the franchise.

All I know is the Metroid Prime series was an absolute blast to play, and more of a good franchise is always a good thing. I’d like a bigger focus on the shooting over exploration, and a way to scan things on the fly.

I also want the visor to speak to me when I scan something. Tell me the information so I don’t have to read large amounts of text. Throw in an easier to read map, and I’m sold.

Where... is my... Metroid Prime sequel..?    thanks to gamesrader.com for this pic

“Where…is my…Metroid Prime sequel..?”             thanks to gamesrader.com for this pic

Starfox Wii U to include online voice chat.

Nintendo pissed the world off yet again by not including this feature in their upcoming shooter Splatoon, so I don’t want a repeat.

Wii U’s camera is under-utilised too, so I want to see at least the ability to take a picture so you know who your opponent is, like Starfox 64 3D does (kind of, just google it) and Wii U’s Tank!Tank!Tank! did.

While I’m not excited for Splatoon like so many are, I am excited for Starfox and the possibilities online multiplayer can bring. Starfox 64 (or Lylat Wars) has a major “hardcore” following and a lot of those people want a new console Starfox game.

Video won't make people prefer using the Gamepad, but taking a pic of your face would be just as welcome.    thanks to nintendo3ds.wikia.com for this pic

Pass the Gamepad around for a selfie, we don’t need video. thanks to nintendo3ds.wikia.com for this pic

F-Zero GX2 or a HD remake of F-Zero GX.

Fans of Nintendo’s futuristic racing series have been left in the White Land cold for too long now. F-Zero GX was one of Gamecube’s best games.

Not only did it present a massive challenge, with it’s steep difficulty curve and unforgiving track design- it was also Gamecube’s best looking game. And in my opinion, one of the entire generation’s best looking games full stop.

Nintendo might not have been as focused on seriously challenging titles during the Wii years, but things have changed.

If we can’t have a new game with new tracks, I’ll settle for a HD remake of F-Zero GX with the arcade tracks thrown in as a sweetener.

The beautiful nightmare that is F-Zero GX.          thanks to nintendoeverything.com for this pic

The beautiful nightmare that is F-Zero GX.          thanks to nintendoeverything.com for this pic

Look at the stellar job Nintendo did on Wind Waker HD. The Wind Waker experience was faithfully recreated with some minor (but welcome) alterations to the gameplay, and it looked absolutely beautiful running on Wii U.

It was also well received by critics and the public, and introduced a classic game to a new audience while feeding the nostalgia monster inside every Gamecube and Nintendo fan that enjoyed it the first time around.

I say it’s time to give F-Zero GX the same treatment if we can’t have a completely new entry in the series.

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scribblenautsboxRooster couture.

Scribblenauts is a unique puzzle game series that challenges players to solve problems by using both common sense and their imagination.

Scribblenauts was the first in the series, released for the DS in 2009.

Not only did it show the world that there was still original gaming ideas out there, but it also introduced us to an adorable new gaming mascot in Maxwell, the game’s fashion forward young protagonist.

The original was well received by critics and gamers alike, but the follow up, Super Scribblenauts, is where the true magic started.

The concept is simple enough: write words (e.g. ladder, chair) and they appear in the game to overcome puzzles. Whats sets Super Scribblenauts apart though is the way you’re challenged to use your technical brain as much as your artistic brain.

The more creative you are with your solutions, the more you’re rewarded. Super Scribblenauts encourages you to try again until you get it right, but occasionally pulls you back in line in humorous ways for taking chances that were too out there.

For example, if Maxwell needs to start a fire, write “dragon” and one will appear. Hopefully his fire breath will start the fire. Instead, the dragon turns on Maxwell and starts burning him to death. Quickly type in “dragon slayer” while you’re running away and hope he can kill the dragon in time.

But don’t give up on the dragon. Next time Maxwell needs to clear a pile of leaves for someone that dragon might cooperate. That’ll give you more points than using a rake or a leaf blower. You develop a “let me try this” approach to the problems, and when one of your more outrageous ideas happens to work, it’s extremely satisfying.

The range of words (proper nouns and adjectives) the game interprets is truly impressive, and the ways you can interact with your own creations will surprise and delight you time and time again.

Sometimes challenging, sometimes silly, but always adorable. That’s Scribblenauts as a series, and if you’ve yet to play any of them, start with this one.

And whatever you do, don’t get it on iPad. Get it on DS.

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XboxOne_RGB_horizontalDespite repeatedly telling my wallet (and rustyshell readers) that I would not buy an Xbox One until the new Gears Of War game was released, I caved in today and bought one.

A friend is heading overseas for an extended period and asked me if I knew anyone who might want to buy his system, and of course I ignored my self imposed rule and bought the damn thing off him.

A bargain without KINECT 2, but with a copy of Dying Light (one of the few cross platform games I really want to play) and Assassin’s Creed Unity, I just couldn’t resist.

I’m not beating myself up over it too much though.

My friend is happy his Xbox is going to a good home, and while the system might not have that killer exclusive it needs to really justify a purchase, I’ve been dying to play the new Forza for ages, and I’ll have to eventually pick up the new Dance Central.

Fortza, Fourza... It's beautiful in any language.

Fortza, Fourza… It’s beautiful in any language.

Plus I’ll be able to play all those cross-platform games that skip Wii U.

Mortal Kombat X is at the top of my list along with Dying Light, and then Far Cry 4 and Shadow Of Mordor.

These cross-platform titles don’t hold their value like Nintendo first party games, so you can get a lot of gaming in for much less money, and a lot sooner.

Sleek and sexy, unlike the console itself.

Sleek and sexy. Unlike the console itself, which doesn’t fit in the shelves of my entertainment unit.

I’ve had plenty of hands on time with the Xbox One controller before, but there’s something about sitting in my own living room and playing on my television that made me realise what a work of art it actually is.

While it won’t ever have the absolute comfort factor of the DualShock 4, it’s so far ahead of the 360 and DualShock 3, I’m wondering how I ever enjoyed holding either of those two controllers.

As far as the console itself goes, I don’t know at this stage what percentage of my gaming time I’ll spend with it, but I do know one thing.

I’m fully aware of how lucky I am to have just welcomed another console into my living room.

Although that’s something I’ve done countless times over the years, the feeling of both excitement and contentment you get from simply having it there is something I’ll never get tired of experiencing.

One more black rectangle to go. Hurry up, Uncharted 4.

My gamertag is zingerAU, feel free to add me as a friend.

You’ll see I’m a rank amateur on Xbox land, and I’m not online much, but that’s the life of a Nintendo gamer.


kirbyboxAfter endless months of waiting, a name change, and a mixed critical reception elsewhere in the world, Kirby & The Rainbow Paintbrush (seriously, my brow furrows every time I say that*) is out in Australia.

While there was no massive bargains last week upon its release, I thought I’d do a belated price wrap up, because there’s a few good price points being advertised right now.

Here’s what the Australian retailers are selling the game for.

I wonder how the mixed critical reaction to Kirby’s first HD adventure will affect sales in Australia.

$49 at Big W

$59 at JB Hi-Fi

$59.95 at EB Games

$59 at Kmart

$59.95 at The Gamesmen

$48 at Target

Let me know if you’re picking it up by leaving a comment. I’m undecided. You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell and Miiverse: zinger_AU

*Honestly, think about this name change for a minute. Originally called “Kirby & The Rainbow Curse”. Released as “Kirby & The Rainbow Curse” in other regions worldwide. Delay for Europe and Australia.

Name changes to “Kirby & The Rainbow Paintbrush”. Curse. Paintbrush. I don’t care about the context, the two words have so little to do with each other I just can’t even…


Mario Kart Wii BoxThe game that created a genre just keeps getting better.

Mario Kart is the fast, furious cartoon racing game that spawned a whole new gaming genre– the kart racer.


Each new Nintendo machine, whether hand held or home console, gets its own version of Mario Kart. In 2007, it was Wii’s turn.

It’s a simple formula: vehicles + weapons + outrageous tracks = addictive fun. And it’s addictive fun for everyone, never more so than in Mario Kart Wii, and that was a very good thing considering a fair chunk of Wii’s audience were casual players.

There’s a difficulty level and a control scheme to suit all players. Turning the Wii remote on its side or snapping it into the included Wii wheel is a great way for beginners to learn the tracks, while plugging in a nunchuck provides seasoned players with that extra level of tightness in the control. There was also support for Gamecube controllers.

Knowing the tracks and knowing what each weapon and item does (and when to use them) is the key to becoming a decent Mario Kart player, and Mario Kart Wii’s wider than usual tracks made it fairly easy for casual players to jump in and be competitive.

Mario Kart Wii also featured one of Wii’s more robust online components. Playing against up to 11 other people from around the world was a great way to practice and learn not only the tracks and items, but also how other human opponents play the game.

You’d also earn or lose points based on your online performance, and it was kept reasonably fair by automatically pitting you up against players of a similar skill level.

You also got to see what country each of your opponents comes from via a spinning map of Earth.

It was a great touch, and you really got a buzz from knowing you’re out there representing Australia on an international stage. You could also go online with a friend via the two player spit screen option, but unfortunately, (and inexplicably) the second player only appeared as a guest, and didn’t accumulate points. Since the closure of the Nintendo Wi-Fi network in 2014, these online components are no longer functioning.

The real fun in Mario Kart Wii, however, came when you grabbed some friends and played together in the same room. Two or three people wass great, but four player is where the game truly shines- and modern televisions made 4-way split screen so much easier to cope with.

Mario Kart is the some of the best fun you can have on Wii, and no matter what your experience level or what kind of games you enjoy, you had to love Mario Kart Wii.

Did you love Mario Kart Wii, or does one of the previous games in the series own your heart? Leave a comment!


bigwps4bundleWhile $568 is still a ludicrous amount of money to spend on a games console, if you’re in the market for a Playstation 4 right now, have a look at this bundle from Big W.

You get the PS4 console in black or white, as well as physical copies of Mortal Kombat X, The Last Of Us Remastered, Bloodborne, and The Order 1886.

There’s not a shovelware title in sight, and while The Order 1886 didn’t exactly set the world on fire, you’re getting the crowd-pleasing Mortal Kombat X, a universal opportunity to showcase your new PS4 to every person who comes near your television.

You’re also getting PS4’s best game in Bloodborne, and one of Playstation 3’s best games in The Last Of Us.

The Last Of Us becomes one of Playstation 4’s best experiences after you tack the word “Remastered” on to the title, and slightly upgrade the graphics.

I don’t begrudge Sony having a port as one of their machine’s flagship games when the PS4’s controller is so incredible to hold and use.

The DualShock 4 is such an immense improvement on the DualShock 3, you’d go and play your entire PS3 collection again with it, if Sony would just let you.

Anyway, this is a pretty impressive bundle. In fact, it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen, even if the general price of the PS4 is still a bit high.

The offer is valid until at least Wednesday May 20.

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Baby Park in Mario Kart Double Dash!! is one of the truly great Mario Kart courses.

Not only did it defy tradition by racing over seven laps instead of the usual three, but somehow the incredibly basic design managed to encapsulate everything that was great about playing Mario Kart.

It was fun and fury in a blue and pink oval.

Baby Park’s inclusion in the latest Mario Kart 8 DLC is the second time the track has been remade since it’s ridiculously over the top debut in MK Double Dash!! for Gamecube.

The first was in 2005’s Mario Kart DS.


Someone should bring back the fog…

Although some of that game’s remakes (like N64 Choco Mountain) were just as much fun as the first time around, I thought Baby Park felt a little out of place in Mario Kart DS.

There was much less of the carnage that made the track so great on Gamecube, and it felt at odds with the small screen, small scale, and decidedly more “sensible” feel of Mario Kart DS in general.

So when it came time to visit Baby Park once more, this time on Wii U, I thought for sure there was going to be some big surprise that would bring back the crazy.

Much prettier, but missing the crazy...

Much prettier, but missing the crazy…

I knew just the fact that there was now twelve racers instead of the previous eight wasn’t going to be enough.

Perhaps some once-off throwbacks to Double Dash!!  that appear exclusively in Baby Park. Like the huge spiny shells or Yoshi eggs, or the big bananas that split into three smaller ones when hit.

But no. Instead we got the signature oval shaped track, only tilted, as an excuse to allow the use of anti-grav for the entire race.

Constantly running into opponents is unavoidable in Baby Park, but the variables that arise from colliding in anti-grav mode don’t do enough to increase the chaos that made the original Baby Park to unique and memorable.

This is how you improve on the original...

This is how you improve on the original…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful Nintendo are supporting the game with additional tracks, but any remakes should improve on the original experience, like GBA Mario Circuit and Wii Grumble Volcano do, not leave you remembering what once was.

Thanks to mariowiki.com for the track pics.

What did you think of the latest version of Baby Park? Leave a comment!



Big W are offering a pretty sweet Xbox One bundle that includes the console, two Assassin’s Creed games (Unity & Black Flag) as well as Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Halo Master Chief Collection, all on the download.

Not the most interesting selection of games, but Black Flag and Advanced Warfare are definitely worth playing.

And hey, it’s a new 500gb Xbox One for less than $450.

It would usually set you back $50 more, and consider this: EB Games is selling a pre-owned Xbox One with no games for $438.

Not bad for people looking to tickle their trigger fingers with the One’s sick controller.

Have a look at Big W’s bundle here.

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Mmgalaxyboxario’s greatest adventure ever?

No figure in video game history is more iconic or popular than Mario.

Since 1983 he’s been wowing audiences with his incredible adventures and continues to do so today, and with games like Super Mario Galaxy in his repertoire, it’s easy to see why.

Simply put, Super Mario Galaxy is as close to gaming perfection as you could ever hope to get.

And it’s one for all ages- newcomers will enjoy seeing the game’s ending by running, jumping, flipping, flying, swimming and skating through the brilliantly designed levels to collect 60 stars to complete the main story.

More seasoned players will enjoy scouring every corner of the 20 plus galaxies for 100 percent completion and a long overdue ‘bonus’ at the end of the game.

There’s nothing much else to say because there’s no contemplating the fact that Mario Galaxy is one of, if not the greatest games ever made.

Mario Galaxy 2 is fantastic too, and has a gamerankings.com rating of 97.25%, making Galaxy and Galaxy 2 the 1st and 3rd highest rated games EVER.

How great was Mario Galaxy? Leave a comment!


Rusty_Shell_HOTAs much as I’d love to, I don’t have time to play this Wii U exclusive right now.

It’s been really hard to find decent reviews for the game, but here’s some decent reviews I’ve read that I thought I might share.

Jason Venter at gamespot.com uses a few too many words, gives the game an 8.

Gareth Newnham from wasduk.com makes some pretty interesting points and injects a bit of humour into his review, saying the developers showcase the Gamepad’s features very well.

Francis@PE from playerseesence.com throws this video review at you with a bit of attitude, telling us to be surprised at how well the Gamepad is utilised.

Finally, Dan Massi from 8worldnews.com tells us the game features arguably the best use of the Gamepad we’ve seen so far. Take that, Mario Chase.

Affordable Space Adventures is currently exclusive to the Wii U eShop, and priced at $24.

Have a look at the official site for the eShop exclusive here.

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knucklesI love me some Shadow The Hedgehog, with his red highlights and gun toting bad assness, and I’d love to see him playable in Smash Bros., but I think there’s someone from the Sonic universe who deserves it more.

I’m talking about everyone’s favourite monotreme, Knuckles The Echidna.

First introduced (as far as I am aware) in Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Knuckles quickly became popular with SEGA fans, appearing in heaps of subsequent Sonic games.

I want Knuckles in the roster not because I particularly like him, or because he has a move set I’d like to use in Smash.

Not even because of some nostalgic connection I have to his games or the fact Echidna’s are native to Australia.

It actually has more to do with spite.

I want him there, and I voted for him, simply because I hope Tails doesn’t get in. He’s a smarmy jerk and I’ve never liked him.

Go Knuckles.

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pandora'sIt’s still a bit overpriced if you ask me, but you can still pick up one of Wii’s most critically acclaimed and popular RPG’s for $19.50 instead of $26 until tomorrow, April 23.

Released in 2012, Pandora’s Tower was part of an action-adventure RPG published by Nintendo (in Australia and Europe) and received pretty solid reviews when it launched.

Originally part of my Wii wish list, I ended up playing and enjoying it, even though I never finished it.


WiiU_HW_Splatoon_Premium_Black_3DPackShot Good news for late Wii U adopters, you can pick up the machine with Nintendo’s super-hyped shooter Splatoon, for just $360.

I’m not sure how many consoles Splatoon is going to move, but the buzz around the game is mostly positive, and reading comments on some of the major gaming sites indicates some non-Nintendo gamers have their eye on this game.

It’s a new Nintendo IP that promises to reinvent the third person shooter, and while the footage looks pretty neat, there’ll be no voice chat option, something many people consider a necessity for a game with a heavy focus on team work.

This fact alone has put a lot of people off Splatoon already, but for me it’s not a deal breaker.

Check out the official Australian Splatoon site here, and I’ll have a price round up as we get closer to the game’s May 30 release date.

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didyamiiboI know I’m usually all about buying stuff at retail instead of online, but when we’re talking about amiibo figures, I’ll take what I can get.

ozgameshop.com has Link, Sheik, Zelda, Kirby, Samus, Mario, Peach, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong from the Smash Bros. series in stock right now.

They’ve also got Bowser, Peach, Yoshi and Mario from the Super Mario Bros. series.

They also have Charizard for pre-order, but I was unable to do this. All I could do was add him to my wish list.

I ordered another Diddy Kong. That makes three.

Some of these amiibo are up to ten dollars more than what we’ve seen from bricks and mortar retailers, and usually I’d be outraged at such a dramatic price difference.

But these things are in demand, often hard to find, and people are paying ridiculous prices for them on eBay.

I don’t mind paying $23 for a Diddy Kong, so long as he does not have any significant defects when he arrives.

This info is correct at time of posting, you never know how long stock of amiibo will last.

Have a look ozgameshop.com‘s amiibo page here.

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kirbyboxKirby & The Rainbow Paintbrush (what is with that title, seriously) is available for pre order from JB Hi-Fi at the pretty reasonable price of $59.

The long anticipated Wii U title makes its way to Australia on May 9, long after the US and Japan have been playing it.

It has been met with mixed yet mostly favourable reviews.

The most common objection seems to be that you have to spend a fair amount of time looking at the Gamepad as opposed to the TV, thus not getting to enjoy the gorgeous HD graphics.

Mixed reviews aside, if you’re a Kirby fan you’ll no doubt be picking it up.

I’ll do a full price round up as we get closer to the release date.

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zeldaamiiboLooks like they’ve got some more stock in.

You can search for a store or order online here.

$17.75 is a bit steep, but if you want them I suppose you gotta pay it. Better than what eBay can offer you.

Who knows how long this will last, but it’s correct at time of publishing.

amiibo Wave 4 comes out in Australia on April 25, you can view the full line up here.

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mk8screenWell we all know by now that Baby Park, one of the first Mario Kart tracks to defy tradition when it appeared on Gamecube’s Double Dash!!, is being rebuilt again for Mario Kart 8.

After being graphically downgraded to appear in Mario Kart DS, the track looks great in HD, and while Mario Kart 8’s items won’t provide the kind of outrageous, close quarters chaos seen in Double Dash!!, I’m still excited to play on it again.

It’s good to see Nintendo unafraid to rework tracks a for a third outing, from memory this is the second time now. So it gives me great hope for a HD Coconut Mall featuring in Mario Kart 8.

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Splatoon is the cover story in the latest issue of Edge magazine, and what a cover it is…


Didn’t break the internet, but a bright orange cartoon squid probably never will.

I’m not familiar with any retailers that stock Edge in Australia, but if you are, let us all know in the comments.

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